Supplier tenders, agreements and contracts can be a complicated business, generating lots of paperwork over a lengthy period.

Instant Appraisal

Each buyer has access to their contracts and suppliers with automatic tender renewal reminders

Easy Search Function

Search by supplier, review date, contract value, contract expiry and products and services

Responsive Design

You will be able to access your Contract 360 information from any screen size – tablets, phone & PC



Contract 360

Errors in agreements can occur costing the Buyer time, money and damages to reputation and business relationships.

An efficient contract management program can take the risks of any errors or misunderstandings.

Contract 360 has been developed as a fast, efficient, powerful tool that provides Buyers with the control they need to mange the Supplier agreements effectively.

A multi-functional user-friendly contract management tool that provides a secure and single access point to all supplier agreements and contracts.

Contract 360 provides an online secure solution that allows Buyers to fully manage and control:

  • Tendering timescales
  • Contract renewals
  • Price increases
  • Contract terms & conditions
  • Contract KPI’s
  • Supplier performances
  • Their Buying team’s performances